Why Do Men Love "Bitches"?
We always wonder what is better: to be a good girl and treat men right or to be a mean bitch? Well, it seems like they prefer the second option. We start asking ourselves "why?". Most women want to date guys who will treat them good, who care about them, who will buy them gifts and satisfy all their desires. Doesn't it work the same way for them? Apparently not.

Men like mean girls because they trust themselves, because they know how to make themselves noticed, because they are extremely sexy and funny, they are independent, they always stick to their plans, they have imagination and a lot of courage. Some men prefer shy women but most of them like better the ones who know exactly what they want and show it. A guy gets really nervous when a woman grabs him for a quickie or when she gets close to his ear and tells him that she prefers anal sex.

A man decides to spend his life next to one woman like this because she knows how to turn him on and because she's not jealous without reasons. Men hate dramas and fights. They don't like women who always complain that he turned around to check out this pretty girl that was passing by. A mean girl knows how to behave in moments like this. She trusts herself and her partner, she will never keep him away from his friends, she will leave him space for his hobbies and she won't bug him all day long to pay attention only to her. If you do that, your boyfriend will get bored of you very soon and he will be forced to leave you even if he still loves you. If you don't give him space, he is not going to have a relationship with you.

After all, these "bitches" are actually pretty "normal", right? At least in a relationship they know how to make things right without getting on their partner's nerves. In conclusion, it's all about self-respect and respect for the person you live with. And I don't believe it would be that difficult for a man to live with such a "bitch"... So I guess it's true. Good girls go to heaven. Bad girls go wherever they want!
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Sexual Attraction - Do You Have That "Something"?
Sex makes the world go round. But do you have that "something"? That could also be called charisma - something that a person has, which causes emotions to another person. It's difficult to express in a few words because it is actually a sort of a sexual energy which a person has and can be seen by another person. Celebrities who are considered to be "sex symbols" are women with that "something". Something that can't be described in words but it can be seen on their face.

Something important about charisma is that if you don't have it...you just don't have it. It's not something that can be taught, you are born with it. Of course it is also a matter of taste. Somebody can be considered attractive by one person but someone else can find that person completely unattractive.

This sexual energy that we are talking about can be felt just by looking at a person. It gives you butterflies and it can take you to "heaven" just by a single touch. Everything attracts you to that person. Every single detail. It's a person made for your body and this person gives you wild sexual emotions. Don't get me wrong, it's not the same thing with falling in love. You just feel a wild passion, a constant need for sex. Thinking about that person makes you loose your head, makes your knees tremble and makes you give up in front of that irresistible sexual charisma.

That "something" - good or bad? If you find a person like this, you will be very happy. Specially if you win his or her heart. Otherwise, you will be caught in a vicious circle and you can end up really hurt by your obsession. In the perfect way, love and desire show up together. But if you find that "something" to the wrong person you can pass through hell. That person can be married, maybe you are married or maybe there is no way possible for a serious relationship. You will remain only with the desire and the wild passion, which will end up destroying you.

It is said that everybody is supposed to find someone who will make him or her crazy at least once in their life. If you find that person at the right moment, your life will be a fairy-tail. Sex will be great, passionate, wild and spontaneous. So don't think about anything else in this case. Allow yourself to be happy, satisfied and to feel this unique attraction for somebody who was "made" for you.

What Do Women Hate About Sex?
Women are a little bit more complicated than men. They like dating a guy a few times before having sex with him because they want to get to know him first, to see if the guy is worth it. But that doesn't happen all the time, they also like having sex with a guy they just met. Some of them don't even speak with him the next day because they just wanted to have fun. It depends on the woman, on how open-minded she is because a lot of them are very old-fashion.

But there are some things that almost every woman on this planet hates about sex. For example they hate when their partner is in a rush and wants to "seal the deal" fast and leave. If my boyfriend does this to me I get mad I want to find a way to pay him back. Because I don't know how he does it but he always does this in the worst moment, meaning when I'm very horny and I need a lot of attention. So if I have the impression that he doesn't have enough time for me, I don't even want to have sex with him. I wait for him to leave and than I take care of myself alone :) Yes, I'm telling you, this is something that all women hate but some of them are just shy to admit it.

Another thing we don't like is when they won't let us take control over the "situation". They want to do everything, it's always about them and their favorite positions. They don't even care if we have something to say, if we enjoy it or if we want something else. Sometimes they just consider us sex toys. But what about our pleasure? And after that they wonder why we left them or why we cheated on them. Silly men, this is exactly what they deserve if they act like this!

I didn't mention something else because you may consider it disgusting but some men don't shower! This is probably the worst thing in my opinion. To have sex with someone who stinks. It's awful, you loose your appetite immediately and you just wish that everything will be over as soon as possible. But you will be surprised to find out that there are some women that actually...like this. Yes, they believe this is a proof of a true man!

Writer's Block: Cool places
What's your favorite city or town that you've visited? Why do you love it?

Rome. You have so many things to see there. You can see "history" everywhere. The people are very friendly too. It's an amazing city!


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