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Why Do Men Love "Bitches"?
We always wonder what is better: to be a good girl and treat men right or to be a mean bitch? Well, it seems like they prefer the second option. We start asking ourselves "why?". Most women want to date guys who will treat them good, who care about them, who will buy them gifts and satisfy all their desires. Doesn't it work the same way for them? Apparently not.

Men like mean girls because they trust themselves, because they know how to make themselves noticed, because they are extremely sexy and funny, they are independent, they always stick to their plans, they have imagination and a lot of courage. Some men prefer shy women but most of them like better the ones who know exactly what they want and show it. A guy gets really nervous when a woman grabs him for a quickie or when she gets close to his ear and tells him that she prefers anal sex.

A man decides to spend his life next to one woman like this because she knows how to turn him on and because she's not jealous without reasons. Men hate dramas and fights. They don't like women who always complain that he turned around to check out this pretty girl that was passing by. A mean girl knows how to behave in moments like this. She trusts herself and her partner, she will never keep him away from his friends, she will leave him space for his hobbies and she won't bug him all day long to pay attention only to her. If you do that, your boyfriend will get bored of you very soon and he will be forced to leave you even if he still loves you. If you don't give him space, he is not going to have a relationship with you.

After all, these "bitches" are actually pretty "normal", right? At least in a relationship they know how to make things right without getting on their partner's nerves. In conclusion, it's all about self-respect and respect for the person you live with. And I don't believe it would be that difficult for a man to live with such a "bitch"... So I guess it's true. Good girls go to heaven. Bad girls go wherever they want!
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