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Sexual Attraction - Do You Have That "Something"?
Sex makes the world go round. But do you have that "something"? That could also be called charisma - something that a person has, which causes emotions to another person. It's difficult to express in a few words because it is actually a sort of a sexual energy which a person has and can be seen by another person. Celebrities who are considered to be "sex symbols" are women with that "something". Something that can't be described in words but it can be seen on their face.

Something important about charisma is that if you don't have just don't have it. It's not something that can be taught, you are born with it. Of course it is also a matter of taste. Somebody can be considered attractive by one person but someone else can find that person completely unattractive.

This sexual energy that we are talking about can be felt just by looking at a person. It gives you butterflies and it can take you to "heaven" just by a single touch. Everything attracts you to that person. Every single detail. It's a person made for your body and this person gives you wild sexual emotions. Don't get me wrong, it's not the same thing with falling in love. You just feel a wild passion, a constant need for sex. Thinking about that person makes you loose your head, makes your knees tremble and makes you give up in front of that irresistible sexual charisma.

That "something" - good or bad? If you find a person like this, you will be very happy. Specially if you win his or her heart. Otherwise, you will be caught in a vicious circle and you can end up really hurt by your obsession. In the perfect way, love and desire show up together. But if you find that "something" to the wrong person you can pass through hell. That person can be married, maybe you are married or maybe there is no way possible for a serious relationship. You will remain only with the desire and the wild passion, which will end up destroying you.

It is said that everybody is supposed to find someone who will make him or her crazy at least once in their life. If you find that person at the right moment, your life will be a fairy-tail. Sex will be great, passionate, wild and spontaneous. So don't think about anything else in this case. Allow yourself to be happy, satisfied and to feel this unique attraction for somebody who was "made" for you.

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